Verbal communication advantages and disadvantages.

The communication that is involves face to face conversation group discussion telephone calls and other situation in which the sender uses the spoken word to communication is called verbal communication. There are some important elements so of oral communication. Such as –

a. Both parties should be available face to face,
b. Any information or felling is exchange,
c. Oral language is used.

Advantage of oral communication:
Save time: it hells then to expendable work. Within half an hour load is from their head and their quantity and poise are restored. Where it is required to take action immediately. It is better to transmit a message a message orally.
Save money: It does not require any stationary or equipment cost, in case of internal communication it saver money.
Immediate feedback: The speaker can get immediate feed back in case of oral communication. The sender can know the view of receiver.
Reliability: The executives think that communication moue reliable they get an opportunity for immediate feedback and clarification.
Friendly relationship: It creates friendly relationship between the parties communication with each other.
Group discussion: It gives an opportunity for group discussion.
Developed communication: It is effective and developed than that of written communication. Almost 80% of corporate communication is done through oral communication.
Correction of errors: There are many ways for correction of oral communication. Because both parties stand face to face.
Increase morale: Through conversation with higher level management, the employees can increase their courage, moral etc.
Explanation of information: Both receiver and sender can ask question it true is any vagueness. So it can be explained only.
At the end of our discussion it is concluded that oral communication is creating motivation consensus reducing misunderstanding changeability repaid and immediately responsive.

Disadvantage of oral communication:
Documents: It is not a legal document. There is no validity of oral communication in the eye of low.
Records: There is no record of oral communication unless it is preserved. So nobody can store it. On the other hand mans memory is not so sharp to preserve the information for long.
Ignoring main facts: The main theme of communication may be ignored due to the irrelevant and meaningless talking.
Costly: It is very costly media of communication technological discussed for oral communication are expenses.
Slow: It takes to much time for reaching a decision through oral communication.
Detective: Verbal communication is detective incase of company policy programs low and other.
Meaningless: Sometimes oral communication is not fruit full and become meaningless. The receiver cannot understand the message communication orally.
Carelessness: During the verbal communication man cannot control their month. Sometime unexpected words may be pronounced and the communication may be failed.
Conflict: Oral communication creates conflicts of any unwanted wards are transmitted. The problems raised and spread rumors rapidly.
Creation of noise: If the voice of senders not sweet and gentle it may be cause of noise to the receivers.
Disclosures of weathers: Importance information of company can be received orally through there is no legal evidence.
At last we can say that verbal communication is not free from limitation. It has no legal evidence as written document.

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