The Scope and Process of Communication.

Communication is so fundamental matter in our lives from birth to death that it would be impossible for us to manage human behaviors and attitudes without it. So the scope of communication is High and larger. From different points of view we can discuss the scope of communication. These are as follows:

In individual life: Communication is indispensable for individual life. Communication start with the born of person and continues up to the death of a person. So it is closely related with a man’s life.
In social life: Communication influences the social life. In our social life we are to communication with our relations neighbor’s political leaders and so on. The modern social life cannot be updated without effective communication system.
In case of business, Trade and industry: Business man deals with their business affair, order placement collection of good and received and their settlement on the basis of the person’s need it depends. On the other hand domestic and foreign trade company depends on communication. So communication can be referred to as the blood circulation of business trade and industry.
In decision making: Every organization must work according to the plan to achieve target results. Vital and relevant information is essential for decision making in the field of production distribution and all other related fields. Communication helps the organization by supplying the required information.
In industrial relation: There are many parties involved wish business organization, such as owners, workers and worker trade union and so on. The success of these group depends on the sound relationship. In these situations the effective communication creates me sound relationship.
In entertainment relations: In case of international relation communication place as important role. There are many international agencies viz. World Bank, ADB, IMF, and the like. Every nation has to maintain a sound relation with them through their effective communication system.
In Management: The communication process is a fool of modern management. We know that management has many jobs, such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, motivating, coordinating and controlling. There are completely depending on proper communication system.
In conclusion it may be said that the scope of communication is so wide that it is found everywhere of human life.
Communication cycle: There are six basic parts in business communication cycle / process which are discussed below:
1. Context: It is the situation of communication.
2. Sender / Encoder: The party sending me message to another party.
3. News of: The combination of words and symbols transmitted to an audience. It is he core ideas that someone wise to communicate.
4. Medium / Channel: It is through which the message moves from sender to receiver.
5. Receiver decoder: The party receiving the message of sent by another party.
6. Feedback: Acknowledgement of the message.
Excepts the above six parts there can be one more part which is called noise or disturbance of me communication system. Although it is not expected by sender or receiver.

Source: Life Publishers.

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