The importance and Principles of Communication

Effective business communication is so important in every organization that it is considered as the lifeblood of organization. The reasons of importance are given below:

Achievement of goal: Effective business communication helps us to achieve the ultimate goals of an organization communication makes combined and cooperative efforts of each and every employees of the organization through encouraging employee commitment to achieve organization objective.

Execution of plan: We can execute our organizational plan by keeping a good communication with various department for proper implementation communication is concerned with all the cases of circulating plan and issuing direction and instructions.

Making decision: We can make a decision depending on other’s opinion and these opinions we can collection by communication.

Maintain link between central and branch office: We can maintain a link between central and branch office that is necessary to manipulate a business.

Market research: We can collect necessary information for research purpose by business communication. It can help management to conduct market research and there after take appropriate stapes.

Sound Management: Communication is helpful for sound and effective management. We know that about 80% of managers time spend on communication. Success of management depends on good and effective communication network in the organization.

In conclusion we can say that the importance of communication in immense. Besides the above point, there are many points to discuss about the importance such as –

  1. Uphold morale,
  2. Improves international relationship,
  3. Basic foundation of leadership,
  4. Promotes spirit of understanding,
  5. Facilitates coordination,
  6. Exchange of ideas,
  7. Advertisement and circulation,
  8. Maintaining effective labor relations, etc.

To write an effective business message we need to apply specific communication principles are known as 7 C’S and very communication principles are as follows –

Clarity: Our expression should be clear to the reader so we should use very simple and familiar words and sentences instead of Latin words and technical persons if necessary and possible.

Completeness: Whatever we write for business purpose it should be complete partial writing is useless.

Conciseness: We should try to express our idea concisely so that it will save the time for both reader and writer.

Consideration: Always we should try to express our idea concisely so that it will save the time for both reader and writer.

Courtesy: We should keep in mind that courtesy cost nothing but much in gained by it. So we should be appreciative sincerely tactful, polite, and we should respect our reader.

Correctness: Whatever we write it should be accurate in figure facts and words.

In conclusion it can be said that we should follow the above principles to make our letters, memorandum, report, representations and other forms of communication effective.

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