Problems and Guidelines of Communication.

There are so many barriers in the communication system into five groups depending on the reasons of problem such as –

1. Wrong choice of medium,
2. Physical barriers,
3. Semantic barriers,
4. Different comprehension reality,
5. Socio psychological barriers.
The above barriers have been discuss below –

Wrong selection of medium: For proper communication each communication should be transmitted using an appropriate medium. Miscommunication can occur to wrong choice or selection of medium. The medium can be written, oral, visual etc. if we chose one instead of the proper one.
Miscommunication can occur.
Physical barriers: Physical Obstacles are noise: Noise is the disturbances of communication system. Time: Some media like post office is time coming and delay communication system. Distance: Communication can be hampered for long distance.
Semantic barriers: Semantic barriers may occur –
a. Misinterpretation,
b. By passed instruction,
c. Denotation,
d. Connotation,
e. Euphenison.
Different comprehension of reality: Obstacles caused by different comprehension of reality are –
1. Abstracting: It means picking a few details and leaning out others.
2. Slanted: It means giving a particular bias or slant to me reality.
3. Assumption: Assumption is also one of the barriers of communication.
Socio psychological barriers: this type of communication problem may occur for –
1. Emotion: We can neither transmit nor receiver anything correctly if our mind is agitated.
2. Closed mind: we hold our opinion so rigidity that we just refuse to listen.
3. Inattentiveness: Unconsciously we become inattentive if the communication contain to respond it.
4. Poor retention: Oral message is particular are lost due to poor human retention.
5. Unsolicited communication: we are unresponsive if communication is unsolicited. It has face stranger barriers than solicited communication.

Guidelines for overcoming communication barriers:
We may suggest some guidelines for overcoming communication barriers which are mentioned below –
a. Selecting appropriate channel,
b. Simplifying language,
c. Using appropriate and single language,
d. Avoiding assumption,
e. Following up message,
f. Adopt and audience centered approach,
g. Avoiding connection,
h. Avoiding misinterpretation,
i. Avoiding inattentiveness.

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