Face to face communication. Its advantages and limitations.

When the sender of information himself can visualize the receiver of information then this is called face to face communication. Somebody make mistake by thinking it identical with oral communication. But this is one of the types of oral communication. In this type of communication expressions of sender is important and he can observe immediate feedback from the receiver of the message.

Example: The boss of the organization when giving any description about any matters before the subordinate then this will be the face to face communication.

Advantages: Though face to face communication has some limitations like costly communication, need more attention etc after that it has some advantages in the following areas:

Exchanging Facial expressions: In face to face communication sender of information can watch or visualize the receiver of information, as a result facial expressions and gestures of receiver can be seen and communication become more effective. Moreover as the receiver of information can see the sender he can be able to know the actual expressions of sender when he receives the message. So the message can be more meaningful to receiver.
Suitable for Discussions: In the discussions people generally gives long speech which is not possible to transmit by the other type of communication rather than the face to face communication. Moreover immediate feedback of the total personality including the feelings being emitted by it.
Can be made understand to receiver: If the receiver of information can not understand any part of the message he can call to sender that he did not understand. So the sender can make the message clear to the receiver about the message. For example – a student in the class did not understand the class lecture, so he/she can response to teacher and teacher make the lecture clear.
Quick Response / Immediate feedback: In the face to face communication response from the receiver can be seen very quickly than any other type of communication. So sender of information can easily understand his next doings.

Limitations: Though face to face communications can provide some benefits in communications it has some limitations as well. The limitations of the face to face communications are stated in the following:

Ineffective in large organizations: In modern large sized organization it is very difficult for the company to make face to face communication. Because most of the organizations have their different units or department in various distant location.
Costly in some occasions: When face to face communication is very much mandatory for somebody or organization it can be costlier to them to organize the communication with people of distance places. In that occasion it will also be time consuming communication.
Ineffective when listener is inattentive: We can think a scene in which presenter are saying something in front of viewer but some of the viewers are gossiping with each other that is these viewers are not listening anything. So no message would be transmitted to them. As a result face to face communication will not be effective.
Not effective in large gatherings: In very large gatherings it is hardly possible to get the message across the large gatherings.

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